Celebration‼ GRANDIA HD Collection Commemorative Release Twitter Post Campaign “MyGRANDIA” !

What is an unforgettable memory from GRANDIA or GRANDIA II that remains in your heart? In commemoration of the release of GRANDIA HD Collection,let’s all share our memories and celebrate together!
You can share whatever you like from videos or images of favorite scenes, lines, characters to favorite episodes.
Out of those who participate and share their wonderful memories, 100 winners will be selected to receive special GRANDIA prizes!

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  • Voice ActorKikuko Inoue

    Congratulations on the release of GRANDIA HD Collection!
    Liete, the character I voiced, is the one who invites the protagonist on his adventure.
    Her initial image is of a mysterious girl, who I thought to be the narrator,
    so I remember being surprised when she was overturned midway through the story.
    Please check out how the story develops and the way I portray it in the game.
    Now, the fact that we can play GRANDIA with beautiful graphics, to those who were fans back then,
    and to those who will expereince the world of GRANDIA for the first time, I hope everyone can enjoy this game.

  • GEKKO INC. CEOKei Shigema

    Memories of GRANDIA II

    What does it mean to be GRANDIA-like? A story that connects people.

    When we began the GRANDIA II project, me being such a fan of the original GRANDIA, I was actually pretty troubled.
    Will it be a sequel or a completely new work? How similar will the taste be to the original? What kinds of emotion and drama will it convey?
    Just the fact that GRANDIA 1 was such a masterpiece, 2 was so difficult to create.
    Late one night I asked Director Takeshi Miyaji, under these circumstances, what does it mean to be GRANDIA-like? And to this, his answer was that first statement.
    With this as the core, I wrote the overall flow from the idea notes I had written when I was a student.
    It all started from a story of an unnamed hero meeting two heroines with completely opposite personalities (the double heroine concept was important!), connecting people and changing the world...
    In the early stages of plot creation, we worked together with cartoonist Hisashi Matsumoto, and in the middle stages, with cartoonist Yuichi Nagatani.
    In meetings at the time, I would often explain this story as a world where Zetton beat Ultraman.
    It's all so nostalgic.
    Even after all this time, the concept of "a story that connects people" still remains very important.
    Please enjoy GRANDIA II.

    DirectorYosuke Saito

    With the release of GRANDIA HD Collection, memories come flooding back as I write this.

    To tell you the truth, Square Enix released the PS2 version of GRANDIA II, but I'm surprised it's been 20 years since the original DC version.

    (Nier is still only 10 years old so it still has a long way to go...)

    That GRANDIA II DC version was released in 2000 in the midst of a big RPG rush, the same year as Final Fantasy this and Dragon Quest that. If I were a Producer, I think it would've be a year of only tears.

    I wasn't very lucky, but now that I can play my baby, GRANDIA II, on Nintendo Switch, I'd like to find some time to play it and reminisce about those days.

    This is a masterpiece game, so please try to play it.

  • GAME ARTS Co., Ltd.
    Planner Kazuhiro Irie

    The first scene of GRANDIA that I saw was at a company in-house event. I think it was the minecart escape scene.
    To this day, I remember being so surprised and thinking, "is this moving in real-time?"

    It is a game filled with so many other memorable scenes as well.
    The opening scene introducing the town of Parm, the letter at Justin's departure to the new continent, the morning sun at the end of the world...
    Even now, I can remember each scene clearly.

    First meetings and farewells were so novel, I didn't think that person would leave along the way...(cries)
    Seriously, I cried at that farewell during the play test.
    I couldn't believe it so I went to check with the planner and I asked, "are they really going to leave?"

    After that, we met, parted, and reunited with all kinds of friends...
    It's a wonderful game that makes you feel that you're truly on an adventure, so please play it!

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